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Magnetie Neckties

Joel Paglione has produced the first reversible, all-in-one magnetic necktie. It's special stitching allows it to have two display sides so either side can be worn in front. This is great for guys, because if they dirty their tie, just flip it over and it's brand new. Also, this tie eliminates the need for a tie loop because it is reversible. It comes in 4 colored patterns, but my fav is the electric blue. At $49.95, it is worth a try. The concept is brilliant, 2 ties in one.  Find them at

5th and Jane has been live for nearly five months and we have made some really great connections. Through Twitter we have befriended the prolific and always interesting presence that is Diego Valdez. Diego is a former fashion model and believes that modeling fashion allows you to reflect your inside emotions to the outside world. He has used his years in the fashion industry as inspiration for his paintings. You can find other samples of his work at

Thanks Diego for stopping by. xo, 5th

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