~   Dress: Roberta Freymann  ~   Clutch: American Apparel  ~   Shoes: Miu Miu  ~ 
~   Jewelry: Land of Lulu, Roberta Freymann, Cartier, Yoya Mart   ~

Woke up this morning with an email titled "don't hate me" from our amazing photographer/friend/consipirator, Titan Light. He submitted a photo he took of me last week in the Hamptons and it was chosen for the "best of gypsy inspired looks" in the NY Times Street Style section this week (click here to see). I don't think the photo is that flattering (and he knew that, hence, the don't hate me) but it's still pretty cool to be in the Times. Above is another pic Titan took of me in the same dress a couple of months ago that's a little better. xxj


  1. You look fabulous in both photos!! Congrats on being selected by the Times. That is amazing!! xoxo Dana

  2. super awesome! I agree you look good in both shots

    1. Aww, thanks guys. It's a really flowy dress and a loud print. Not the easiest to pull off when you are barely 5'1"! But it's comfortable and so great for this super hot weather.

  3. Love the outfit!! You have such a beautiful smile!!