Mother's Day Gift for the Rock and Roll Mama

Electric Picks Birth Sign Collection
Mother's day is just around the corner, May 12 to be exact! My friends and their husbands are always asking me for ideas. Here's one on the top of my list- the Electric Picks Birth Signs collection. These bracelets are edgy, a bit mysterious and definitely rock and roll. My girlfriend picked them up at a pop-up shop we hosted with Electric Picks in December. She got one for representing each of her three kids. They looked awesome stacked on her arm, so much so that all the moms in our group are asking about them! Here a few shots I asked them to send, just for little inspiration! xxj

BONUS! Now til Friday, 5/3, buy any Electric Bracelet, Get 1 Free!*

*2nd bracelet mush be equal of lesser value. Quantities Unlimited! To receive the promotion, simply type FREE and the name of the free bracelet you'd like in the Notes to Seller section.

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