Black Blazer

If there is one thing every girl needs, it's the perfect black blazer. It should be the most versatile piece in your closet. If it's the right one, you can pair it with anything, jeans, shorts, even a ball gown! It should cross from classic to trendy to everything in between with ease. I just picked up the Sandro Valseuse Blazer  and I seriously don't know how I styled myself without it! I've already experimented going classic with a just jeans and a white tee, did the trendy with my red jeans and a black top and tried it on with shorts, skirts, and dresses. Look for it in the outfit ID in posts to come! xx j


  1. The black blazer is such a classic. So glad you posted in it! Thanks ladies. Love your stuff!!!

  2. I couldn't agree more.

    Two of my favorite, most versatile pieces are black blazers. One is a work blazer that has a sequin lined lapel and great inner lining so I can fold back the sleeves to give the "boyfriend blazer" look.
    The other is made of a sweatshirt material that is super comfortable and still dresses up any outfit.