Drop Tail Hem

Teresa, Porto at www.innperfection.blogspot.com

Monica Sors at www.mesvoyagesaparis.com
Zara T-Shirt with Front Pocket with Tail Hem
This season you will start to see skirts and shirts with drop tail hems (short fronts and long behinds).  This is a super trendy look, so if you don't mind wearing it only for one season, then I would make the investment.  It looks great when done right. I actually found this t-shirt at Zara for only $29.90.  If you layer it correctly like fashion blogger Teresa, then you will definitely accomplish the fashion foward look we all crave! xo, 5th


  1. Rhianna just wore a dress shirt with the long back and it looked so hot!

  2. I love this look. Asymmetry is such a cool look. The Zara shirt is a find and looks like such a simple piece to wear for an edgy but easy casual look. -Dana