New York Fashion Week Mara Hoffman Fall/Winter 2013

Mara Hoffman presents Mystics & Misfits

Mara Hoffman brings her traveling circus to town (aka Lincoln Center), with “gypsies, tramps and thieves,” taking us on a fashion journey. And now that we’ve been introduced, we never want them to leave! The circus of “mystics and misfits” translates into a variety of colorful prints, unique detailing and embellishments.

Mara used fabrics from Turkey and Uzbekistan, for her kaleidoscope of color. The collection also features amazingly detailed embroidered pieces with metal beading, including a poncho, shift dress and pant. Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean it’s all blacks and greys, splash out and wear yellows, oranges, pinks and greens. Thank you Mara, for injecting color, dresses and caftans into the our fall attire!  

Hoffman explains, “I wanted to embrace what we do best with this collection and give our girls what they move most-color, prints and wearable yet unique silhouettes.”

This collection was simply inspiring and we can’t wait for Fall to wear it.

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