'The In-Betweens'

Two friends, Clancy O'Connor and Lyndsay Becker have created a hilarious web series called "The In-Betweens" about their NYC life. Lyndsay is a struggling actress and Clancy is an out of work, trust funder, who endearingly takes care of his bestfriend.

Clancy appeared in HBO's 'John Adams,' NBC's Smash' and soon-to-be released 'Kill Your Darlings' starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Check out the Trailer: www.in-betweens.tv and Episode 1 of The In-Betweens: http://vimeo.com/47476660 .

The screening party is during Fashion Week at the Caufield in NYC (119 E 27th Street) on Monday, Feb. 11th at 7pm & you are all invited. 

I was lucky enough to get an early preview of the full series. My favorite episode is when Lyndsay decides to have a baby, Clancy suggests carrying around a bag of flour for a week to see how well she cares for the flour. It did burn me up that she used a beautiful McQueen scarf to wrap the bag of flour, but besides that it was too funny. After the week, the bag was dropped, stepped on, wet and finally no longer, so Lyndsay decided to put motherhood on hold. Good idea. Much more to see on Feb 11th! xoxo

About The In-Betweens
Meet Clancy and Lyndsay.
Their address is New York City, but they live in their own world. In-between jobs, in-between relationships, and on the search for their own identity, they find out that self-discovery is really a team effort. Follow their search for life, love and the perfect prosecco. No matter what they find, one thing's for sure —
life’s best stuff happens in The In-Betweens.

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