What's In My Bag

I admit that one of my weekly indulgences is getting the email from Us Weekly that my issue is ready to download on my iPad. One of my favorite sections is "What's In My Bag". Inspired by that, here's what in my bag!

:: Bag:: Celine Cabas Tote- a great carry all for my marathon days around the city. I can fit all my things, plus everything my daughter needs and wants.

:: Wallet:: Louis Vuitton Organiser Insolite Wallet- I think LV wallets are the absolute best. Because they are made of canvas they are able to withstand being tossed around without a scratch. I also love the compartmentalization of this particular wallet. There are several slots for cards, 3 zippered pockets, 2 open pockets and a sleeve that you can receipts and/or plane tickets and passport easily.

:: Reading Material:: New York Post and NY Magazine- I absolutely have to have something to read on the subway or I go batty. Besides the books on my iPhone Kindle, I always have the day's NY Post and my weekly New York magazine. Both are good to give me enough to make small talk with my patients. I'm actually like reading the NY Times but hate having to open and fold the paper while on my commute.

:: Kids Stuff:: I think my daughter has just as much stuff in my bag as I do! We've got 2 pairs of princess high heels. One for her and one for her friend we are meeting for a play date, a Cliff Z Bar-just in case she gets hungry, and her art work from an after school class. I usually have a bottle of water for her in there too. No wonder my bag didn't feel as heavy today!

:: Make Up and such:: Lypsyl Lip Balm cause my lips are always dry. It's inexpensive but so good, dare I say better than Kiehls! YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lip Stain- an amazing glossy lip stain that isn't sticky and LASTS. Purell, for obvious reasons! Ricola cough drops. I carry all of this in a blue mesh makeup bag that I got in a fashion week goody bag years ago. I like this bag because it's so light weight and I can see what I'm looking for right away.

:: Sockerbit treat:: Believe it or not this was for me and not for my little one! Sockerbit is an amazing scandanavian candy store on Bleecker in the West Village. Every time I pass by it I have to stop in for something sweet. My favorite candy there is the Dumle Lakrits. It's a fabulously gooey concoction of milk chocolate, toffee and black licorice.

Well there's a little peak into my bag of tricks. Have a great weekend! xxj

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