Do you have a pile of "regrets" in your closet? Something you bought that's now too small, too big or you are just tired of? Well ladies, let us introduce you to Poshmark. It is a fun and incredibly easy way to buy and sell clothes. Women from all across America are posting items from their closets and displaying them for other users to examine, ask questions and hopefully, purchase! Creating the post is super easy once you've downloaded the app (sorry it's only available on iphone). Simply take a photo of the item, write a brief description and voila!, you are ready to sell. Sending the purchase is also hassle free. PM emails you a pre-paid postage label. All you have to do is package up the item, place the postage and drop off at your post office. You can even request a pickup and the post office comes to you!

I am co-hosting a Posh Party on Monday, June 29th from 4-6pm EST. The party theme is "Pretty & Fun". I get to bring thousands of fashion loving women together and curate the showroom by highlighting style picks from the entire PM community to shop from, super fun!

Hope to you see you at my party. If you can't make it, check me out another time. My closet is under @5thandjane and J's is under @mllelouboutin. xo, 5th.


  1. That's awesome!! Yay co-hosting!! I will be there!!

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